Nursing is among the most satisfying professions in the world, but it can also be among the most demanding on the body. Nurses work on their feet for most of their shift, and even when they're able to sit to write notes or take a break, they can be called to an emergency at any time. The physical nature of working by the bedside, often in restricted spaces and being on their feet and in the wrong shoes, is the prime reason the nursing industry often tops the list of the most injury-prone professions. Some injuries and accidents can't be avoided but others can be prevented by adjusting the height of the beds and using lifting aids or wearing proper footwear from a trusted manufacturer. The following models are the best Skechers nursing shoes on the market, and the Bernal and Erath Skechers for Work Shoes are new to the Australian market.


Skechers have been making top-quality athletic shoes for decades. Skechers products have a renowned reputation for superiority, ergonomic design and affordability. The Go Walk 4 Propel walking shoe is our favourite for those nursing shifts when you are standing and walking all day.

This performance shoe is durable and super lightweight and comes loaded with innovative and highly responsive five gen midsole cushioning. You should consider these shoes if you stand all day at work. They are ideal for nurses and healthcare professionals.

Like all Skechers, they are exceptionally supportive. It features the company's renowned original Goga max footbed. It's an all-natural material that gives you unsurpassed comfort and support. The Goga Max footbed naturally conforms to your feet' shape to provide extra support.

Regarding flexibility, these shoes are designed to readjust your centre of gravity towards the heel. This aligns your posture and helps reduce back and joint pain. The good about these comfortable shoes is that they get better as they age. So they become better while other shoes get worse. Wearers report wearing them for many years without any problems. Best of all, they are very affordable and fantastic for Australian workers.



For the stylish nurse, the Skechers Sure Track Erath leather work boot has some great options. This is the SR - Slip Resistant boot, a work-specific sneaker that’s designed to offer comfort that really lasts. This style has been made for workers like nurses in mind. It’s very popular and it is adaptable enough to be worn both as a casual shoe and as an essential part of your work wardrobe.

The upper is made of leather, which looks and feels much classier than it actually is. Our customer feedback is that they are easy to clean and maintain. We love the fact that they provide a loose but secure fit allowing your feet to spread naturally and move freely.

These shoes have the Skechers’ classic plush footbed. It’s made from rubber and memory foam, giving you high levels of comfort and support. Its ergonomic design provides superior midsole cushioning and arch support. Wearers said they are incredibly comfortable and take a lot less wearing to break in.

The thick rubber sole supports natural gait and offers traction on slippery surfaces. The best part is that they feature unique laces to give the shoe a bit of flair. Unlike many other nursing shoes, these are stylish and fun. If you’re looking for shoes that will support you all day, look no further than the Skechers work SR slip-resistant boot for Australian healthcare workers.



This shoe deserves a spot on our list thanks to its superior stability, comfort, support and durability. The Bernal shoe for work features premium leather upper made from full-grain leather. These shoes conform to the shape of your feet as soon as you put them on to give you a custom fit.

They’re very well made. Skechers didn’t compromise on any of the features of the slip-on. The leather upper is durable, the sole is thick, and the lining is perfectly cushioned. Most wearers said these shoes lasted longer than any other shoes they have owned. Full-time nurses confessed that they lasted well over three years on the job.

The best part is that they are very easy to wear and take them off. On the inside is a comfortable leather lining. Below it is a memory foam removable insole that will reduce traction when walking on slippery surfaces. Additionally, the shoes are designed with an excellent ventilation system to allow for maximum inflow and outflow of air. Improved airflow means fresher, cooler feet with no odours.

Finally, there is a lightweight outsole that significantly reduces your load as you walk. This means moving your feet around all day is less tiring. Overall, they are perfect for Australian nurses whose jobs involve a lot of walking and standing. Shop comfortable shoes for medical industry professionals.

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