Nurses have long been associated with medical scrubs, face masks and scrub caps, many of which the Infectious Clothing Company sells to the medical community. Medical tools, however, are synonymous with doctors performing surgeries daily. There is an assumption that nurses' patient care does not require medical devices to complete medical care, but that's not true.

What are the medical tools and accessories nurses need to perform their job? We've listed them below.

1. Metalite Reusable Penlight

A penlight is simple but practical diagnostic tool nurses and other medical professionals use globally. Small enough to fit and illuminate hard-to-reach areas (mouth, ears etc.), the penlight is lightweight, easy to carry, and produces the perfect brightness to assess pupil response.

In this grand technological era, non-medical professionals will ask, "Why don't you use your smartphone light?". Well, it's challenging using latex glove-covered hands to pull out a smartphone and turn its light on, not to mention trying to unlock its fingerprint access point. A penlight is a suitable tool for the job.

The Metalite Reusable Penlight features:

  • Aluminium housing
  • Push-button switch
  • 2 "AAA" batteries.

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  1. Nurses Silicone Fob Watch

 A fob watch is a nurse's best friend when recording patient observations!

Did you know nurses have worn fob watches since the early to mid-1900s? Back then, nurses were fumbling with their wristwatches or pulling their chain watches out of their pockets. Nurses' hands are often contaminated, which makes regular watches impractical. This combination led to the invention of the fob watch. So, while you wear your fob watch, you do it knowing you are paying tribute to the nurses who came before you almost a century ago. 

The Nurses Silicone Fob Watch is easily pinned to your uniform top to be flipped and read to count time using the second hand. At Infectious, our silicone Fob Watch is available in six colours, and features include: 

  • 25mm Watch Face diameter
  • Flexible silicone housing
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Batteries.


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  1. SBG Retractable ID Holder

 Nurses need to be easily identifiable when working in hospitals and larger facilities that require card reader access. For nurses who are urgently moving through various areas during emergencies, a retractable ID holder allows them to quickly identify themselves by having their ID attached to their uniform and extending it to show who they are or to scan in. In an emergency, when the nurse's hands may not be free, it is also convenient for other personnel to access the ID and let it retract quickly so the nurse may continue with their task.

The SGB Retractable ID Holder is available in six colours, easily interchangeable to suit your uniform and shift. Its features include:

  • Hook - made from chrome plating 
  • Clip - for pocket or belt clip
  • Dual holder - for a key chain or clear button strap.


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  1. SBG Doctors Dual Stethoscope

 Don't let the name of this stethoscope fool you. While stethoscopes are traditionally synonymous with doctors, nurses may also benefit from having a stethoscope on their person during their shift. 

Nurses need to use stethoscopes to assess and interpret heart, lung and abdominal sounds. In most cases, a nurse is the first port of call for a patient, and their correct diagnostic assessment determines what further medical care is needed. 

While there are three types of stethoscopes, a dual head features two listening areas. Medical professionals can listen for high-pitched sounds with the larger surface (diaphragm) and lower-pitched sounds with the smaller surface (bell). The SGB Doctors Dual Head Stethoscope produces a remarkable acoustic response while being distinctively stylish and features:

  • Lightweight aluminium chest piece with a comprehensive frequency response
  • Non-chill ring and diaphragm ring for patient comfort.


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  1. SBG Medical Utility Pouch

A medical utility pouch is exactly as it is named; it holds all the medical essentials nurses need to perform their job efficiently and effectively. Emergencies are the norm in hospitals and other medical facilities, and nurses constantly on the go need to think quick and act quicker. Easy access to their required medical tools is imperative, and the SBG Medical Utility Pouch caters to this purpose. Your valuables will be safe in this utility pouch which comes in 4 colours and features:

  • Segment and zipper pockets
  • Handy keyring.


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September 05, 2022 — Pete Doran