Functional and comfortable uniforms are essential in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Hospital scrubs, known for their durability and ease of wear, have become a staple in the medical world. While the traditional perception might be that nurses are the primary wearers of scrubs, you'd be surprised to learn that various professionals rely on these versatile garments to get through their demanding workdays. Below is our list of five types of workers who wear scrubs in hospitals:

1. Nurses - Navy Nursing Scrubs:

  • Scrubs Tops: Navy scrub tops are a common choice among nurses. These tops and shirts provide comfort, protection and mobility during long shifts.
  • Scrubs Pants: Paired with navy scrub pants, nurses have a practical and professional outfit that allows them freedom of movement in patient care.
  • Scrub Sets: Many nurses prefer complete scrub sets, which include matching navy scrub tops and pants for a coordinated look.
  • Scrub Jackets: In colder climates or operating rooms, navy scrub jackets provide warmth and additional layers of protection.

2. Doctors - Green Medical Scrubs:

  • Scrubs Tops: Doctors often opt for hunter-green scrub tops, which convey a sense of professionalism while maintaining comfort.
  • Scrubs Pants: Coordinating green scrub pants complete the ensemble, giving doctors a polished look during rounds and consultations.
  • Medical Scrub Sets: Doctors frequently choose scrub sets, which streamline their daily wardrobe choices.

3. Surgeons - Light Blue Surgical Scrubs:

  • Scrubs Tops: Surgeons commonly wear light blue scrub tops. These tops are easily identified in surgical environments like operating rooms, recovery and resuscitation rooms.
  • Scrubs Pants: Light blue scrub pants complete the surgical attire, ensuring a hygienic and sterile environment.
  • Scrub Suits: Surgeons may opt for scrub suits, which provide full coverage and additional barrier protection during surgeries.

4. Medical Imaging Staff - Pewter or Royal Blue Scrubs:

  • Scrubs Tops: Medical imaging professionals wear pewter or royal blue scrub tops. These colours align with the department's specific dress code.
  • Scrub Pants: Complementing scrub pants in pewter or royal blue completes the outfit for medical imaging staff.
  • Scrub Jackets: For those working in temperature-controlled environments, scrub jackets are a versatile addition and worn in MRI, CT and Ultrasound suites.

5. Paediatrics - Fun Prints and Patterns:

  • Scrubs Tops: Paediatric nurses and doctors embrace fun prints and patterns on their scrub tops. These designs create a cheerful atmosphere for young patients. There are many options for printed scrubs, like floral, animal, geometric, and holiday-themed patterns like Halloween and Christmas scrubs.
  • Scrubs Pants: Paediatric nurses often match their printed tops with colourful scrub pants to brighten the ward.
  • Scrub Sets: Coordinated scrub sets with playful prints are a hit among paediatric nurses and their patients.

Infectious Clothing Company understands the diverse needs of healthcare professionals. We offer a wide range of hospital scrubs, including scrub tops, scrub pants, scrub sets, scrub suits, and scrub jackets in various colours and styles to cater to the unique preferences of each worker. Our commitment to quality ensures that hospital workers can rely on their scrubs for comfort and professionalism. Whether you're a nurse, doctor, surgeon, medical imaging staff, or paediatric specialist, our scrubs are designed to support you in delivering the best care possible.

Customisation for Easy Identification in Hospitals

In addition to choosing the right colours and styles of scrubs, hospital workers often opt for embroidery to make their uniforms easily identifiable. Many hospitals and clinics offer the option to have embroidered logos, names, or titles added to their scrubs. This personal touch serves several essential purposes.

1. Enhanced Professionalism: Having your name or title elegantly embroidered onto your scrubs not only adds a professional touch but also ensures that patients and colleagues can quickly identify who you are and your role within the healthcare team.

2. Improved Communication: Clear communication is vital in a fast-paced hospital environment. When doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals have their names or titles on their scrubs, it streamlines communication, especially in urgent situations where quick identification is crucial.

3. Team Unity: Customised scrubs can promote unity within the medical team. Wearing scrubs with the same hospital logo or department insignia can foster a sense of belonging and teamwork among staff members.

4. Patient Comfort: Patients often find it reassuring to know the names of the healthcare professionals attending to them. Customised scrubs with names or titles make interactions more personal and comforting for patients, helping to build trust and rapport.

5. Infection Control: For infection control purposes, having personalised scrubs can help ensure that garments are washed and returned to their rightful owners after laundering. 

At Infectious Clothing Company, we offer high-quality embroidery services, allowing you to customise your scrubs with precision and style. Whether you want to add your name, title, or hospital logo, our embroidery options are designed to meet your specific needs. It's just one more way we support healthcare professionals in their quest for comfort, professionalism, and effective communication while on the job.

Printed Nursing Scrubs

At Infectious Clothing Company we have Australia’s largest collection of fun, festive and holiday scrub tops for sale. We have nursing a scrub top for every occasion whether it's Christmas, Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Spring, Easter or just for fun!  

Printed Scrub Tops for Nurses

Bring a smile to your colleagues and patients faces with a fun printed scrub top. With so many different designs and styles available the options are endless. Why not place a group order and get your entire ward to dress up in the same scrub top. We know that colourful, patterned scrub tops bring joy to everyone who wears them. This is why we started Fun Friday Scrub Club, a mental health initiative that encourages checking in with your work friends and asking how they really are. 

Shop mens printed scrubs tops 


Printed Nursing Scrubs Top
Nursing Printed Scrub Top


Halloween Scrub Tops 

Our spooky Halloween themed scrub tops are the perfect addition to your scrub top collection. With a classic Halloween design featuring ghosts, cob webs and pumpkins. These Zoe and Chloe scrub tops feature two large pockets, curved V-neck and side vents. They are made from 100% cotton and will keep you cool when celebrating Halloween in Australia.  

Halloween Scrubs Australia
Halloween Nurse Scrubs Sydney


Christmas Scrub Tops 

We have many different designs available in our Christmas collection. You can choose between a Nordic-style pattern called Christmas Critters. Our exclusive Australian design is called Warmest Wishes, sparkly penguins named Joyful Penguins and many more... . Shop the best Christmas scrubs for Men. This year we have two styles of Christmas patterns for men. The first shirt is called Surf Santa and is on a royal blue background. The second pattern is called midnight gifts and features colourfully wrapped presents on a dark navy background.

Infectious is your place for Men's and Women's Christmas scrubs this year! Buy for yourself or as a gift for your favourite healthcare worker. 😀

See our featured Christmas patterned scrub tops below.

Christmas Nurses Socks

Christmas Nurses Socks by Cherokee Uniforms - Cherokee is supplied in Australia by Infectious Clothing Company

We offer a 10% group discount on all orders of 10 scrub tops or more. To arrange this discount please email with your order and your discount will be applied. 

Our Xmas printed scrub tops size range start from XS to 3XL so there is a patterned scrub top for everyone including plus size scrubs. Xmas scrub tops are the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit and to put a smile on your patients faces.  

Infectious Clothing Company has been the industry leader providing patterned and colourful scrub tops to healthcare workers for 20 years now.  

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Exceptional Customer Service at Your Fingertips:

At Infectious Clothing, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service because we understand that satisfied customers are the heart of our business. Getting in touch with our dedicated customer service team is a breeze, and we offer a range of convenient options to suit your needs - you can reach us via phone, email, contact forms, live chat, or social media messages, and we're available 24 hours a day. If you ever need more information or have questions, don't hesitate to ask. Our friendly experts are always here to provide the answers and assistance you require. At Infectious Clothing, customer service isn't just a department; it's our commitment!

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Regarding seasonal and holiday printed scrubs, Infectious has got you covered. Explore Australia's most extensive selection of top-quality Halloween scrubs, Christmas scrubs, and scrub tops adorned with delightful summer patterns and fashionable designs. Our commitment to quality means you can trust us to bring you the best nursing scrubs from leading brands such as Dickies, Cherokee, Medelita, and WonderWink.

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